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Most businesses aside from large corporates do not have the luxury of an in-house CTO, CIO or IT Manager; or many other resources required to run an entire in-house IT department to service IT strategy, management, and operational responsibilities.

The increasing demand for better IT governance and the growing number of cyber risks has resulted in organisations being under increasing pressure to cope. Our offering provides you with access to skilled IT Service Management (ITSM), and IT Consulting services across the African continent.

We have a structured, process-driven approach to IT Governance that delivers a holistic service to our clients. We incorporate industry best-practices and methodologies to delivering IT Strategy, IT Management and IT Operations activities and deliver a straightforward and cost-effective service that enables you to provision exactly the amount of hardware, software, and support required, all governed by a robust service level agreement. Our innovative billing model provides cost predictability to our clients, making it easier to plan and budget in the future.

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